Jungle Carpet Python


ANIMAL:                              Jungle Carpet Python          Morelia cheynei
Type of Animal: Boa/Python
Habitat: Tropical/subtropical forests
Location(s): NE Queensland
Appearance: Females larger than males, yellow ground color w/ black blotches, spots blotchier on adults, different morphs in captivity such as tigers & zebras, hatchlings start drab gray-and-black
Food/Diet: Mammals up to size of puppies, birds, lizards
Status in Wild: Stable
Conservation: Breeding in zoos, wildlife centers, & breeders
Lifestyle: Solitary
Additional Info:
Males: Females: Young: Group:
Called: Male Female Hatchling Solitary
Weight: 3.3 lbs 5.5 lbs Gestation:


Life Span:

1.5-2 months
Height: N/A N/A
Body Length: 5 ft 7 ft 2.5 ft 20 years
Tail Length: 1.5 ft Same
Main predators of adults are crocodilians & large eagles. Other birds of prey eat young.
Valued for keeping rodent populations in check but sometimes killed for eating chickens & on rarer occasions, puppies.
They’re semi-arboreal.
Males often stop feeding during breeding season.
Females lay 8-28 eggs per clutch.
Even though not warm-blooded, females can raise body temps by twitching muscles.
Sexually mature at 2.5-3 years.
Females usually nest in tree hollows.
Males use spurs near base of tail during courtship/mating.
Hunted for skins/leather & for preying on chickens.
Like all pythons, they kill prey by constricting & swallowing whole.
Males fight by wrestling each other.
Fun Fact(s): Young snakes rather nippy but adults tend to be fairly docile. Some adults stay aggressive.
These snakes can be good pets for intermediate reptile keepers.
They have a very strong feeding response.
The scientific name, cheynei, named in honor of Cheyne Wellington, who helped classify this snake.

One response to this post.

  1. easily my favorite snakes to keep. They have so much personality compared to other species in the hobby!


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