Trans-Pecos Ratsnake


ANIMAL:                            Trans-Pecos Ratsnake     Bogertophis subocularis
Type of Animal: Colubrid
Habitat: Desert flats, brushy slopes, rocky outcrops, desert, bush, rock piles, desert fringes, dry basins, desert slopes w/ creosote bush, sotol, lechuguilla, agave, yucca, ocotillo, and/or acacia, mesquite valleys, montane oak-juniper woodland, rocky areas
Location(s): SW Texas, S New Mexico, & NE Mexico in Trans-Pecos region & Chihuahuan Desert
Appearance: Yellow, tan, or yellowish-tan w/ black or dark-brown H-shaped markings, light eyes w/ black pupils, reddish-pinkish tongue, juveniles paler than adults
Food/Diet: Rodents, lizards, bats, birds, smaller snakes (including smaller members of own species)
Status in Wild: Stable
Conservation: Breeding in zoos, wildlife centers, & herpetoculture
Lifestyle: Solitary
Additional Info:
Males: Females: Young: Group:
Called: Male Female Hatchling Solitary
Weight: 8.8 oz 10.5 oz Gestation:


Life Span:

2.5-3.5 months
Height: N/A N/A
Body Length: 3.5-4.5 ft 5.5 ft 1.5 ft 15 years
Tail Length: 1 ft Same
Main predators are bobcats, birds of prey, coyotes, corvids, larger snakes, roadrunners, & foxes.
Also called Davis Mountain Rat Snake.
They breed in May & June.
Females lay clutches of 2-11 eggs.
They’re nocturnal (active at night).
While common, they’re not often seen due to nocturnal habits. They’re seen more often in breeding season.
Like all snakes, they lack eyelids.
Sexually mature at 2-3 years.
Young snakes usually hatch from mid-July-mid-September.
These snakes hibernate in cooler winter months.
They tend to be secretive in the wild.
Fun Fact(s): These snakes are often called “subocs.”
These snakes can make great pets, due to their docile temperament.

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